It’s funny to me now that when I set up the 3 categories a year ago that they were all so distinct from each other.  Now they seem so closely connected that they are all one. Even if I look at Animal, Vegetable and Mineral, they are all one as a part of our good earth. It’s like how the American Indians saw that everything is one and the Christians see that God is in everything.  So if you are reading this and something I say seems to be in the wrong category, you are probably right, so please don’t take it too seriously. I won’t.


Anti-Abortion is pro-life.

But Pro-Life is not so simple. Pro-Life is short for, the promotion of life.” of which anti-abortion is only a small part.

Other parts of Pro-Life include:

  • Care of the fetus before and after birth
  • Maternal health care before and after birth
  • Medical care for both mother and child
  • Good nutrition
  • A home in a safe environment
  • Early and quality education
  • Adoption opportunities
  • Contraception for everyone who wants it
  • Family planning

There are many more issues to protect the child and ensure its life and well-being that will come up in this discussion.

Women who see themselves as being on one side or the other I call on you, beg of you to join forces for the health of every unborn and new infant and their mothers in our country. Together, I know we can do a hundred times more good for everyone involved than we can fighting each other.

If you have any thoughts about this I look forward to your comments.


Many of you know how frustrating it can be to want to prevent abortions and save the lives of unborn children when it seems your only recourse is to urge the passage of laws making them illegal or at least hard to come by.  I don’t know of any woman who thinks of an abortion as a good thing but rather as a sad answer to a sadder problem. Any unwanted baby is cause for tears.

Yet the frustration for people who want the freedom to plan their families, prevent unwanted pregnancies and even seek abortions is just as severe.

Women on both sides have resorted to carrying signs, marching in parades and shouting at each other with no satisfaction on either side.

Seems to me it would be useful to actually explore what Pro-Life is all about, what it means to each of us and what we can do together to reduce the number of abortions and promote the births of healthy,  wanted babies.


  When I was young I asked my Mom to explain God. She told me, “There is a little bit of God in every person in the world. That is what connects every person to every other. Some people ignore it, some people let it help them grow. We call Him God but others call Him Spirit or Allah or Buddha or Universe.  It doesn’t matter what name you use, He knows.

Somehow, that was clear as a bell to me. I have even expanded it to explain the Holy Ghost who some people see as a mystery. If God is everywhere that means he is like air. When I’m sitting on my deck drinking coffee, all I have to do is let go of what seems like the real world, let go of ego and I am suddenly in the world of Spirit. Instead of just breathing in air molecules, I’m breathing in the Spirit of God.        Cool, huh?

It makes my coffee taste real good.



This is just my opinion but I do hope it is also food for thought.

I have this idea that if we as (in alphabetical order) Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, New Agers and everyone else I didn’t name, could begin looking at what we have in common, in our beliefs, and what we want way down deep in our hearts for ourselves and all of humanity, I think we would be surprised at how much is mutual to all of us.

After all, what do we really want for our families, our communities and our world? And it is our world.   Under all our needs like food, health and a roof over our heads, the one big desire we all have in common is LOVE.

Just think about it a minute. Can you imagine wanting the same thing as the people you hate and/or fear?   Maybe they are not our enemies but just our neighbors with the same hates and fears.

What religion, great or small does not want peace and love?

Perhaps if we can begin to speak to each other with respect we can really begin to communicate.

At any time, each one of us can stand in the light of our Higher Self and see that Light is Light.  And Love is like Light, the more you give away the more comes back.


And all you have to give up is Fear.



It is no wonder to me that Florence Nightingale’s lamp is the symbol for nursing.  In my mind, Light is the symbol for all healing.

We also get to choose whether to be a person of darkness or one of light.  Healers have chosen Light.

Florence Nightingale’s lamp was no accident. When she walked into a room of wounded and dying soldiers she carried her lamp so she could see them.  But they also could see her.  Even if they were on the other side of the room the light would be visible and reassuring.   Each man could see that someone was there to help because she cared.

She was the beacon in the little children’s song that tells us,

“You can’t be a beacon if your light don’t shine”

One the most collectible items in America is replicas of lighthouses.   Paintings, antiques, statues, jewelry, pictures and a host of other things, I would guess.   The lighthouse was well beloved light for sailors.  It was a vision of home and family and love.  A symbol that says, “We’ve arrived, we’re safe.

Light is the sun that wakes us in the morning, grows our food and makes the flowers bloom.  The sun is what enables us to see so we can walk, work and play safely.  Of course, man has also made light so we can do all those things indoors 24/7 and at night outside too.   It is so necessary in hospitals and other work environments that ancillary and emergency generators are installed.

Spot lights in the theater are there to high light the performer and lead the audience’s eyes to the most important things going on.

Light also creates heat, whether by campfire or light bulb.  Heat is used to heal with warm water soaks and heat lamps and medications that get warm when applied to the skin.  We need heat to live.  98.6 degrees of it is considered about right for body heat.  We use heat to cook and to make things.  Picture a campfire or your Mom in the kitchen.

In every person, there is a light.  Some lights are bright, others dim.

Healers’ lights are very bright as they walk into the darkness brining light and healing into sickrooms, operating rooms, hallways and laboratories.  Where ever we go, other lights shine brighter.  Even death cannot stop it.  We stay with the dying until they leave us and go on to a brighter light.

Some people may try to beat us down, overwork us, complain about us, push us into overload.  Sometimes, when we are very tired the light may flicker but another healer will come by and blow on the coals ‘til they burst into light again. That’s what healers do.

We are one.


June 17, 2017.   Missouri just passed a law allowing women to be fired from their jobs for using birth control.

First, they wanted to prevent abortions, now they want to cause unwanted pregnancies.

This puts women between a rock and a hard place and allows us no freedom to control our own lives.

Make up your mind, Missouri.