Anti-Abortion is pro-life.

But Pro-Life is not so simple. Pro-Life is short for, the promotion of life.” of which anti-abortion is only a small part.

Other parts of Pro-Life include:

  • Care of the fetus before and after birth
  • Maternal health care before and after birth
  • Medical care for both mother and child
  • Good nutrition
  • A home in a safe environment
  • Early and quality education
  • Adoption opportunities
  • Contraception for everyone who wants it
  • Family planning

There are many more issues to protect the child and ensure its life and well-being that will come up in this discussion.

Women who see themselves as being on one side or the other I call on you, beg of you to join forces for the health of every unborn and new infant and their mothers in our country. Together, I know we can do a hundred times more good for everyone involved than we can fighting each other.

If you have any thoughts about this I look forward to your comments.

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