When I was young I asked my Mom to explain God. She told me, “There is a little bit of God in every person in the world. That is what connects every person to every other. Some people ignore it, some people let it help them grow. We call Him God but others call Him Spirit or Allah or Buddha or Universe.  It doesn’t matter what name you use, He knows.

Somehow, that was clear as a bell to me. I have even expanded it to explain the Holy Ghost who some people see as a mystery. If God is everywhere that means he is like air. When I’m sitting on my deck drinking coffee, all I have to do is let go of what seems like the real world, let go of ego and I am suddenly in the world of Spirit. Instead of just breathing in air molecules, I’m breathing in the Spirit of God.        Cool, huh?

It makes my coffee taste real good.


2 Replies to “MOM EXPLAINS GOD”

  1. How do I explain God to my 7 year old son? He has a strong sense of faith but questions Him because he can’t see Him.

    1. Just published a response that I hope you and your son will read and discuss. Thanks for the question, it made me think.

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