This is just my opinion but I do hope it is also food for thought.

I have this idea that if we as (in alphabetical order) Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, New Agers and everyone else I didn’t name, could begin looking at what we have in common, in our beliefs, and what we want way down deep in our hearts for ourselves and all of humanity, I think we would be surprised at how much is mutual to all of us.

After all, what do we really want for our families, our communities and our world? And it is our world.   Under all our needs like food, health and a roof over our heads, the one big desire we all have in common is LOVE.

Just think about it a minute. Can you imagine wanting the same thing as the people you hate and/or fear?   Maybe they are not our enemies but just our neighbors with the same hates and fears.

What religion, great or small does not want peace and love?

Perhaps if we can begin to speak to each other with respect we can really begin to communicate.

At any time, each one of us can stand in the light of our Higher Self and see that Light is Light.  And Love is like Light, the more you give away the more comes back.


And all you have to give up is Fear.

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