I’m sorry to say the spirit of congress just went over a cliff.

As nurses and the AMA, the countries largest association of doctors, and most human beings have known for a long time that this will mean the deaths of thousands of people.  The fight for Medicare for all is already being waged.  This may well be the turning point.  California’s State Congress has already taken steps to pass legislation at the urging of The California Nurses Association and National Nurses United.of which I am proud to be a member.

It’s appalling that these men and women who cry and pray over the Rights of LGBT Marriage and Abortion Rights are the same men who just sold pregnant women and rape victims down the river, as well as all those with pre-existing conditions.  There is a total absence of compassion and they think they love God.  What are Evangelist Christians thinking now?  Will they will be able to ignore the many people, including children, born and unborn who will suffer and die in the next few years?

And the only reason for all this is to save money!  That’s right, health care does cost a lot of money. That’s the bottom line. No kidding.  It does.  It costs a lot. Especially here in America.  A lot of money.  Yes, A lot.

So, for all this money the American people have to make sacrifices.  Congress has just decided who they will throw under the bus to save all this money.  Yep.  A lot of money.

They saved it for what they consider so important that they need it for:

  • Bombs, we need more bombs to kill more people
  • Tax cuts for POTUS and his billionaire buddies
  • Big cuts for Big Business for whatever
  • POTUS has to play golf every weekend
  • His wife has to live in NYC and that costs a lot of money.

But that’s reasonable, right? People die so they can play and they think it’s perfectly OK.

Ladies, and all you men who support us, it is time to stand up for all you believe in, love, caring, healthcare, clean water, education and housing for all.   All we have to give up is fear.

We need to put on our pussy hats and go to work.

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